Brush Type 2 (TOPS Class 31)

31 190 GRYPHON

Brush Type 2 (Class 31) No. 31 190 GRYPHON stands at the west end of the former South Loop Siding, otherwise known as The Klondyke, at Waverley Station, Edinburgh, with a Network Rail HST power car and a Mk. II carriage, possibly en route to St. Rollox Works, Glasgow, on 12th April, 2005. A new platform has now been built over the line upon which the train is standing, and the loop has now been cut back to a buffer-ended siding at the east end of the station. [Michael Laing]

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NBL/MAN 225 bhp 0-4-0DH

Introduced: 1957.
Engine: NBL/MAN 6-cylinder W6V 17.5/22A, 225 bhp at 1,100 rpm.
Transmission: Voith-NBL Type L33YV hydraulic torque converter; NBL bevel gears and reversing dog clutch coupled through reduction gearing to jackshaft.
Weight: 30 tons.
Maximum speed: 17 mph.
Maximum tractive effort: 21,500 lbs.

Built: North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow.
To traffic, allocated to St Margarets (64A): 29th January, 1960.
Reallocated to Dalry Road (64C): 7th May, 1960.
Reallocated to St Margarets (64A): 6th May, 1961.
Reallocated to Dundee Tay Bridge (62B): 2nd November, 1963.
Reallocated to St Margarets (64A): 30th April, 1966.
Reallocated to Leith Central (64H): 25th February, 1967.
Withdrawn: 4th April, 1967.
Scrapped by Slag Reduction Co., Ickles: 1st August, 1967.

NBL 0-4-0DH shunter No. D2745 runs through Platform 4 of Haymarket Station on 7th July, 1960. [Alan Curtis]

Class 66

66 062

General Motors Class 66 No. 66 062 brings a train of track-ballast wagons northwards from Millerhill Yard through Newcraighall Station on the south-eastern outskirts of Edinburgh, 25th June, 2005. [Michael Laing]

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BR Derby Type 4 (TOPS Class 44, 45 & 46)

Built: BR Derby Works.
To traffic, allocated to Derby (17A): 5th November, 1960.
Reallocated to Sheffield Darnall (41A): 4th February, 1961.
Reallocated to Neville Hill (55H): 1st April, 1961.
Reallocated to Derby (17A): 7th July, 1962.
Reallocated to Cricklewood East (14A): 15th September, 1962.
Reallocated to Derby (17A): 9th March, 1963.
Reallocated to Toton (16A): 21st November, 1964.
Reallocated to Nottingham Division (D16): 16th January, 1965.
Reallocated to Holbeck (MR) (55A): 11th September, 1965.
Reallocated to Line Power Controller, Derby (ML): 6th January, 1968.
Reallocated to To London Midland Region (91M): 27th January, 1968.
Reallocated to Nottingham Division (D16): 17th June, 1968.
Reallocated to Holbeck (MR) (55A): 9th October, 1971.
Renumbered to 45 001: April, 1973.
Withdrawn: 20th January, 1986.
Scrapped by MC Metals, Springburn: 24th November, 1988.

BR Derby Type 4 (TOPS Class 45) No. D13 stands at St. Boswells Station at the head of a train from Edinburgh Waverley to Carlisle on 26th May, 1962. [M. Mensing]

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